Our cups are made out of medical grade silicone, soft and flexible sitting lower inside than a tampon, to insert the cup it is folded and expands inside you to collect your flow and unlike a tampon the fluid is collected rather than absorbed so there is no dryness or interference with the vaginas natural PH level

If your a first time cup user it may seem a little scary at first, in time you will find the right technique for the perfect fit that suits your body best and once the cup is in you will not even feel it is there almost invisible!

You can wear your menstrual cup for up to 12 hours without changing and you are free to exercise, swim, sleep and carry on with your life without the worry of leaks and regular changing.

No chemicals! A menstrual cup is a healthy non toxic solution for your period, tampons are known to contain bleached cotton and many more hormone disrupting chemicals also leaving fibres behind once removed.

Not only are reusable menstrual cups practical and comfortable they are also economical you will get a return on your investment within 3 months. Ditch disposable sanitary wear and join the revolution!